Flamingo Land – North Yorkshire


A few days ago we went to Flamingo Land to take some shots of the exotic animals they have there. We drove past a protest camp which I didn't get chance to photography due to fast moving traffic. 

We got there and we ventured to the smaller British animals like Donkeys, Chickens, Pigs etc. Managed to get a snap of a small bird with nesting material in its mouth, pretty cool. Here are some of the British animals I managed to get on camera.


Flamingo Land wouldn't be Flamingo Land without Flamingos! We got some photos of the Flamingos and some Brazilian Tapir. Photos below you can see Flamingos and Brazilian Tapir.

flamingo land
flamingo land

Meerkats, Penguins and African Lions!

We went around the flamingo landrest of the zoo seeing the African Lions, Wallabies, Kangaroos. Took some cool snaps of penguins as well! It was feeding time as the Tigers den, we did get a video of the Tiger scaling a tree to get its meal. I got some cool photos of the Tiger feeding.

Went to the Meerkat hut and this cheeky Meerkat wanted its photo taken. Literally wouldn’t stop posing for us.

Anyway, check out our gallery below of all the photos I Taken

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